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Friday, December 19, 2014

BABA is a black sheep in disguise? What is it?

Here at the Close, on a weekly Chart... I am expecting next 2 weeks with lots of upside on this name til Mid January. will start accumulate a few more Calls on this.

Looking at a 4 hr chart on BABA, near the end of the year, its time for window dressing and BABA has been the Hottest China Stock in 2014. Will Fund Managers add BABA to show they did participate?

With Volume decreasing as the holiday nears, the profit taking seem to be schedule for January.
This is setting up to be quite interesting. SSEC has been on fire. This is the Biggest and Hottest and the most competitive company in China. Will it not the be biggest winner soon?

I am betting a few coins on BABA for the holidays.

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