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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

back from break

BABA looks weak for preholiday and china somehow isn't as strong. that indeed surprises me. however, FB and AAPL should be the staples and I would still bet on BABA long term as the choice for Mutual Fund to get the right exposures to China. 

Tomorrow is the Eve's... same old. expect earlier profit taking and thats it. volume will really die very soon then for the rest of the year... i expect the losers in the year to lose more ground follow by lots of speculative bettings on the half dead stocks ...


I am expecting Coal and Oil tanker stocks soon to be in the spot light as Japan is stockpiling Oil in tankers and Accumulating Coal Interest since they are no longer a nuclear powered country. What other means do they have? it comes to mind of BTU, ACI, ANR, TNK, etc...

just some thoughts thinking ahead

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