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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dare to Invest in Russia?

Looking this Bottoming Tail with Huge Volume in RSX
Unless there is a bigger Volume to complete Wipe Out this Bottoming Tail

This represents 2 things in Play... Big Retracements in Russia ADR .... 
MBT, VIP, QIWI, RSX of course

MBT is offering a huge dividend. Long Term Investing with a big stomach should do okay. Remember Ford at $1 or LVS @ $1

those who buy just 1000 sh is having a great time!!! I personally start a small position in MBT.  RSX will be a good buy if it retraces 50% from this bottoming tail. 

What would happen if Putin use Gold to back the Ruble? then China does it too? It will put Gold back in the game with the Central Bankers. 

With a Bottoming Tail in RSX, USO looks poise for a rebound as well. nonetheless, Saudi and Obama somewhat join strikes a few of their foes by killing the Oil Prices.  Holiday is here. Do they want more Panic in the market? perhaps just retrace before another waterfall? Would be Easy if Putin try invading toward the Mid East in favor of maintain peace? then USO would be easier bounce. Bounce can preceed another fall. This game is starting to look interesting. 

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